Mr. Yu Yonghe came to Taiwan to search for sulfur and found that all the stones in the river were covered with sulfur in the section from Fucheng, the present Tainan City and the former capital of Taiwan, Jhousuei River to Dadu River. Therefore, he called this area Huangsi, which means “river filled with sulfur”. During the Japanese colonial period, this area was named by the literati in Changhua. Mr. Lai He, the Father of Taiwan’s new literature, organized the Huangsi Association, and Huangsi was soon associated with the literati.

Huangsi Literary AwardTo strengthen Huangsi’s literary spirit, the Huangsi Literature Award began to be held by the county government in 1999. The award aims to advance the traditional humanistic spirit, promote the meaning and value of lives and appeal to the public for human dignity and human rights to fight for equality. The award aims to encourage literature creation, improve the environment for literature development and provide a better quality of lives in a prosperous, peaceful and happy society.

Special Contribution Award and Literature Award of the Huangsi Literature Award. The Literature Award includes poetry, essays, fiction, reports and special reports. The submitted articles are graded and selected by outstanding authors and scholars. The examination committees make professional reports on the literature creations in each category and judge their overall quality. A cash prize is also awarded and award-winning masterpieces are later published as books. We hope the promotion of such works could raise the quality of local literature and love for the country. We also hope that the Huangsi Literature Award encourages local authors to write and that there will be new writers to help boost literature development in Changhua.

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