Huangsi Art ExhibitionHuangsi Art Exhibition was originally a local exhibition of artworks collected from local artists only. Since its fifth exhibition, in order to transform the local art exhibition into a governmental one with regional characteristics, the collection was opened nationwide to five types of artists for a competition, including Chinese ink and gouache painting, oil and watercolor painting, calligraphy and seal engraving, 3D crafts and photography. In order to encourage the creation of new art media to echo the image art trend of a new era and create a new point of view for Huangsi Art Exhibition, graphic digital arts (renamed “digital arts” from the tenth exhibition) were specially added since the seventh exhibition to embrace the youth’s creation era. The category has witnessed a new era of youth creation. All excellent national artists are welcome to take part in the exhibition together with their creative energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and new concepts.

The selection is announced during March and April every year and the pamphlets about general regulations and registration forms are available at the service counter in Changhua County Government, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Yuanlin Performance Hall. You can also download the materials via our website Huangsi Art Exhibition or call the Visual Performance Section at (04)7250057.

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