Workshop Room

B1Workshop Room

To promote the function of social education and enhance the public’s arts appreciation, we provide various training courses, including literature appreciation, creative writing, children’s drama, toy making, flower arrangement, photography and so on.

Circulation Desk

1FCirculation Desk

  1. All books are open-shelf and free to be read and borrowed.
  2. E-library: all books and statuses can be searched via the internet.
  3. Library cards can be applied for in any one of the county’s libraries and used throughout the entire county; books can be borrowed with a library card in any connected public library in the county.
  4. Theme book exhibition: monthly book exhibitions with different themes; all are available to be borrowed.
  5. New book shelves: regularly have new books on specific shelves to facilitate the public to borrow.
  6. Home Delivery Service for Books: those who have a library card and an e-mail address can request this service.
  7. Book drop: facilitates the reader to return books.
  8. Value-added services of the library card: Library cardholders are entitled to discounts in franchised stores in the county with the library card.
  9. Self-service photocopying.

《Hours of Operation》08:30-20:30 (Tuesday-Saturday) 08:30-17:00 (Sunday)

Reference Room

1FReference Room

  1. Collection of Chinese and Western reference books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, statistics, the local literature of 26 townships in Changhua County and all editing materials about the news and information of our cultural activities.
  2. The CDs of the National Examination Database and other references are available for the public.
  3. Free internet access.
  4. Inter-library Cooperation: reader service of document photocopying application from other libraries.
  5. Library guidance and reference consulting services.
  6. Self-service photocopying and printing.

《Hours of Operation》09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Periodicals Room

1FPeriodicals Room

  1. Over 140 kinds of journals in Chinese and foreign languages and 33 varieties of newspapers. They are digitalized in the informationalized journal inquiry system to facilitate the public to find the latest and all-round information.
  2. Bound volumes of newspapers with reference value for the public’s consultation.
  3. Daily newspapers.
  4. Bound volumes of back issues and old newspapers.
  5. Journals with recreation, knowledge and reference value.
  6. Expiration date of newspaper:
    • Long-term preservation from 1984 till now: bound volume of the Liberty Times.
    • Long-term preservation from 1984 to 2010: bound volume of the China Times and United Daily News.
    • Long-term preservation from 1992 to 2001: bound volume of Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News, Central Daily News, Taiwan Daily, Min Sheng Daily and Economic Daily.
    • Bind and preserve the local section of the China Times (news about Taichung, Changhua and Nantou) from August 2012.
    • 1 month: China Times, United Daily News.
    • 14 days: other newspapers.
  7. Self-service photocopying.

《Hours of Operation》08:30-20:30 (Tuesday-Saturday) 08:30-17:00 (Sunday)

Lecture Theatre

1FLecture Theatre

Graceful and elegant, comfortable and secure, the lecture theatre is decorated in a traditional architecture style and equipped with up-to-date facilities. About 3600 sq. ft. of space with 180 seats, the theatre is a great place for cultural lectures, small concerts, chamber concerts, seminars and so on.

Cultural Relics Exhibition Room

2FCultural Relics Exhibition Room

It is a space of 2454 sq. ft. with an open and all-round design for exhibition functions. All display shelves and cabinets can be deployed on demand and are suitable for stereoscopic and various types of artifacts show.

《Hours of Operation》09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Children’s Room

2FChildren’s Room

  1. All children books in the Chinese and Western languages and audio books are open-shelf and free to be read and borrowed. Furthermore, there is a reference area with journals, newspapers and encyclopedias in Chinese and foreign languages, which is free to be read only in the library.
  2. E-library: all books and statuses can be searched via the internet.
  3. Kid’s World: a variety of kid’s activities, including arts and crafts, science games, and story-telling provided by volunteers for free every holiday from the first week to the third week monthly. (For more information, please check the website: art information\ Kid’s World.)
  4. Field trips: this space welcomes visits and use by schools and classes via telephone contact in advance.
  5. Book drop: facilitates the reader to return books.

《Hours of Operation》09:00-18:00 (Tuesday-Saturday) 09:00-17:00 (Sunday)

Conference Room-II

2FConference Room-II

Meetings only.



There are eight showrooms in total and each room is about 324 sq. ft. They can accommodate more graphic works and make the display effects more prominent because of their high-ceilinged walls and project lights. Furthermore, there are exhibitions of diverse creative works, including traditional ink painting, calligraphy, modern oil painting, watercolor painting, photography and so on (plane works applicable).

《Hours of Operation》 09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Exhibition Rooms

3FExhibition Rooms

  1. Collection of audio-visual materials. Materials can be borrowed with a library card for indoor use.
  2. The audio-visual room is divided into a group area and a personal area.
  3. Movies are played every holiday in the group area.
  4. Color TV, video player, CD-ROM drive and other equipment are provided in the personal area.
  5. Videotapes and CDs are available to be borrowed for 28 days per piece. (DVDs which are expensive and with collection value are not available.)

《Hours of Operation》13:30-17:00 (Tuesday-Friday)  09:00-17:00 (Saturday-Sunday)

County Archives Hall

3FCounty Archives Hall

Save the historical materials of Changhua County and related nationwide documents with historical value. The county’s cultural and historical styles are presented by multimedia, 3D models and relic exhibition for the county citizens’ research reference and promotion of home town education.

《Hours of Operation》09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

Conference Room-I

4FConference Room-I

Meetings only. Equipped with up-to-date facilities.



An open and roomy exhibition space with a background of a grey wall and natural light partially used to enhance the characteristics of its art works. It is the most professional gallery in the county, can hold 50-60 works and has been specially designed for the exhibition of art, paintings and calligraphy, etc. (suitable for the graphic arts and small-scale 3D works).

《Hours of Operation》09:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)

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