Emblem The drawing uses a modern design texture to express the idea of the "integration of modern and traditional, and the combination of cultural and spiritual".
Emblem In this drawing, the square frame in traditional Chinese representation means “universe”, the curves in the middle hollow mean "a breakthrough out of limitations”. The overall figure symbolizes the idea of “maintaining tradition while striving for a breakthrough”.
Emblem The circular pattern in this drawing represents the image of "the window of the soul", which means “being knowledgeable with eyes on the world”. Furthermore, it is representative of the “rising sun” with the implication of rebirth, which symbolizes the reform and transformation of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
Emblem The waterline is representative of a Chinese art design pattern. The pattern of four curves with different lengths in the center presents not only a tension of speed and upward energy but also a lively vitality; meanwhile, it shows an implication of historical inheritance with the transition from tradition to modernity.
Emblem The logo has three colors: Chinese red, dark green and white. Here are the implications of the logo’s colors:
Chinese red-traditional history, respect
Dark green-modern spirit, vigor
White-Cultural soul, mildness
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